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Spanish Open Kyokushin Karate 2019

Spanish Open Kyokushin Karate 2019 will be held on the 2nd February, 2019 in Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain.   eng_Invitation letter eng_Letter of responsibility eng_parental consent eng_WKB kata rules eng_Inscripciones

The 1st European Weight Category Championship Results

The 1st European Weight Category Championship was held on October 14-15th in Rzeszow, Poland, organized by WKB Poland.

100 man kumite (Hyakunin Kumite)

On March 10, 2018 in Lorca (Spain) we have an opportunity to be witness to the test of the 100 man kumite (Hyakunin Kumite)

WKB Romania joined the KWU Romania

We are proud to announce the establishment of KWU ROMANIA.

International seminar with Kancho Pedro Roiz & Shihan Daniel Sanchez

August 22, 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka will be held international seminar with Kancho Pedro Roiz & Shihan Daniel Sanchez.


WKB Chile, is pleased to invite you to participate in our "WORLD CUP WKB", on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

Results of the 2nd European Championships among men and women

Official results of the 2nd European Weight Category Karate Championships that was held at the Lancut (Poland) on May 20, 2018. 

Spanish summer camp 2022

July 15-17, 2022 in Los Alcazares (Spain) will be held the summer camp with Kancho Pedro Roiz.

6th Winter Camp WKB HELLAS

The 6th Winter camp of WKB HELLAS took place in the beautiful mountainous place of Elati in Greece during the 27-29 of January, 2017.

Romanian Winter Camp

The WKB Romanian Winter Camp took place in Sinaia (Carpathian Mountains), between 05- 10 February 2017.