Messages from Kancho Pedro Roiz


The World Kyokushin Budokai strongly condemns the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and expresses its deepest sadness at this illegitimate act of war that violates the sovereignty of the country.

We show our utmost support for the Ukrainian people in these moments of maximum suffering, as they defend their families, their territory, and their lives.
The whole world is calling for peace, as demonstrated by the multitude of demonstrations that take to the streets every day appealing to common sense and calling for an end to armed conflict.

We also join the pressure on Putin ́s regime by excluding Russian athletes from official competitions of our organization until the resolution of this terrible war. We regret that budokas, as well as all other Russian citizens, who disagree with the decisions of their leaders will have to suffer the consequences.
We cry out for dialogue and mediation, for an immediate end to this war, we cry out for PEACE.


Kancho Pedro Roiz
President of World Kyokushin Budokai