Iran’s 2nd WKB women’s national championship


The 2nd WKB women’s national championship of Iran, the commemoration of late Esmaeal Mojarad Shahrivar, was held on Thursday, October 10, 2019, in Tehran at Shohadaye Evin Sports Complex, under the supervision of Sensei Arezoo Rezaei, the vice president of women’s WKB in Iran.

More than 200 karatekas participated in this event in various teams, including Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, East Azerbaijan, Pardis, Roodhen, Boomhen, Damavand, Eslamshahr, etc. in all age ranges, in two sections of Kata and Kumite and for two different groups of above and below brown belt.

The opening ceremony started at 09:30, with teams marching and listening to the national anthem. Afterwards, Shihan Vadood Mojarad Shahrivar, the head of WKB in Iran, expressed his gratitude toward the participants and their family in hall and regarding the fact that the competition was held to commemorate his late father, Esmaeal Mojarad Shahrivar, while remembering him as a dedicated and patient person, he gave his speech with a special emphasis on respecting parents. In the end, while showing his appreciation to Sensei Arezoo Rezaei, the vice president of WKB in Iran, he wished success and health for all participants which continued with the start of the competitions.

Many helped for the completion to be held with an enhanced quality, especially: Sh. Hosseini, Sh. Fathi, Z. Oghabian, D. Roghangaran Yazdi. In addition B. Tagjizadeh, Sh. Azizi. F. Daneshfard, M. Abolghasemi, Z. Oghabian, Z. Somayeh, N. Aghazadeh, K. Kimiabeigi, B. Malakhah and M. Bohloulian were responsible for judging this event.

Finally in Kata section, Tehran team won the title of champion with Sensei A. Rezaei as their instructor. B. Mollakhah’s Tehran team become the vice-champion and Khorasan Razavi’s team with B. Taghizadeh coaching stand at the third place.

The results for Kumite section was Pardisan’s team with Sh. Hosseini as the trainer in the first place and Eslamshahr’s team of Sh. Azizi and Tehran’s team of A. Rezaei stood in the second and third place respectively.